Mosquitoes why do they bite some and not others?

Easy Tiger.jpg

I used to complain about being punctured by mosquitoes, the itch was irritatingly painful and if scratched too much left a mark like you’d had a bout of smallpox. I’d say to my inamorata why do they only suck my blood? To which she replied: “They bite me all the time. I just don’t complain about it and resist the urge to scratch – you soft-lad.”

That was in the days when the mossies were only active between dusk and down.

Spain’s most unwanted

Since the female tiger mosquito has become an ex-pat it’s all day and night and those who usually managed to escape bites are fair game even her-in-doors murmured the fact she is feeling the pain from these relentless bloodsuckers and why haven’t I come up with a solution to repel them yet!

Heating a spoon and pressing it on the bite works, most of the time, dispersing the protein, the substance that courses the itching, but I want something that stops them from biting – a repellent rather than an after bite remedy.

I sit at the computer, pair of baggy hiking socks, thick jogging trousers and shirt buttoned up, sweating like a rap… pugilist. Does this help? Yes and no. The mosquito finds a way to bite my face, neck, and what is even more annoying, my hands in front of me – how do they manage to get there unnoticed?

Ten percent of people naturally repel mosquito due to high levels of vitamin B1, also known as Thiamine. You can also take a 100 mg of vitamin B-1 daily – this is not guaranteed to work for everyone.

There are plenty of gels and creams available based on (DEET, or diethyltoluamide) or picaridin currently regarded as effective forms of protection, usually providing cover for between one and three hours in typical situations. The advice is that children shouldn’t use repellents with DEET in them. Picaridin is a more appropriate choice for children. Keep insect repellents out of the eyes, and use them only on clothing or exposed skin, never on skin covered with clothing.

I had used, in the past, Aloe Vera body spray on my face and hands, which seemed to be effective but wore off after time and there it was – another itchy red mound.

I decided to make my own concoction with what I had in-doors based on what I had read that these insects do not like – garlic and lemon. I crushed some garlic into a glass, added some Aloe Vera after sun lotion, a small amount of lemon and water. I let it marinate and poured it into a fine spray bottle.

So now I smell like a sunburned Frenchman on holiday and I have a craving for red wine, lemon chicken on a bed of crepes, but the mossies seemed to have been deterred.


I have only been using it for a few weeks so if you decide to try my recipe and it turns out to ferment into some genetic changing substance and you wake up as a mutation with superpowers – don’t blame me. If your hands become twice the size as they were let me know because there may be a commercial market for it.

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