Police Swoop Expat as he Staggers to his Car

Man arrested.jpg
British expat Mr Ingram, on leaving his 40th birthday party this week, was somewhat worst for wear, especially when he left his local bar around midnight.
The Spanish Police had set up a checkpoint across the road as part of a routine schedule and stood in horror as they watched Mr Ingram take ten minutes to walk a short distance to his parked car, and another ten trying to open the door.
Eventually, his wife came out of the bar and joined him as he opened the door and slumped into the seat. The police were already walking towards him with the intention of stopping him breaking the law, and to save him from doing serious injury to himself and others.
The car obviously had been there most of the afternoon, as he had a sunshade still attached to the windscreen. The Police opened the door, and Mr Ingram sprang from the car and proceeded to stagger about incoherent – two steps forward three steps back.
It was only when his wife started the car from her side did the Police realised that he was in fact, the owner of a British Spanish registered car (the driver-side being on the right)
Red face, the Police still cautioned Mr Ingram for being un poco borracho in public and waved them on.

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