Bremain in Spain


Bremain in Spain are members of the groups European Movement and British in Europe, and partner with them to actively campaign to protect the rights of UK citizens in the EU and work with those based in Britain to campaign for the UK to remain in the European Union, which includes the rights of those British expatriates living in Spain.

It’s not just about UK citizens abroad living in current EU countries. Bremain supports the rights of EU citizens who live in the UK or wish to do so in the future. They believe freedom of movement is key for positive health and wealth of the EU and the UK and their citizens, regardless of nationality.

Brexit is the up and coming withdrawal of the UK from the EU (European Union). The UK referendum held on June the 23 2016 showed a majority support to leave by UK voters. Exit day is on the 29th of March 2019.

The vote was close with 48% voting to stay in this is why there is such a strong support for Bremain Tens of thousands of Anti-Brexit people, including groups of Brits who had journeyed from Spain, clogged the streets of London as they marched on Parliament waving banners to call for a last public vote on the terms of Brexit.

After years of ambiguity in regards to the terms of how the Brexit deal will affect the citizens of the UK and those living abroad a recent poll has at least a third of those who voted to exit are now rethinking their positions supporting the need to know and further vote with only 25% who voted to exit opposing the idea. Which seems strange that people would vote for something without knowing what the deal is first.

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