Oceana Club Young at Heart Day Centre Launch Party

Give your share to show you care

Give your share to show you care Great restaurants are rarely born. They are made. They are the augmentation of details done precisely over time. They have to find their footing, and their hands and all the other bits of their metaphorical anatomy. Oceana Club does not feel like it went through any of this. It seems to have arrived in the world fully matured, which is all the more remarkable given the weight of expectation upon its shoulders. The latest, to host the celebration of the opening of the new day centre for the elderly in the heart of Calpe. Sponsored by Princetons property service. Princetons demonstrated they have a true commitment to helping people to realise their dreams and also those who need caring for supporting those who are at the highest spectrum of that area, our parents and grandparent’s age groups. It’s about helping strangers who become friends and respect for the older generation especially those in need of help. Princetons, who were represented on the day by Manager John O’Neill and sales person Cherelle Thompson, happily paid for this worthy event and provided staff on the day showing they have time for everyone: Kudos! And it doesn’t stop there. Peter Sparkie Lyons & David Cassim, two imposing presences, passionate about the young at heart day centre officially announced the opening of this beneficial and exciting new social space for the elderly in Calpe and talked about their long-term goals to use the funds raised by the events and their charity shop in Calpe to help those most vulnerable and dependent. David, who has been a carer for 25 years, choked up in his presentation speech; he just wants to raise the bar to an acceptable level that people deserve. He has seen so many malpractices and appalling behaviour at certain care homes. They also want to be able to help people when they are waiting to get placed by social services, which for various reasons could be months. David, being a positive person didn’t want to dwell on the negatives of others just focus on pressing forward to give people what they so rightly deserve care and dignity. Peter said: ‘we will never turn anyone away.’ A raffle was held using gifts provided by local businesses and managed to raise €425.05. A great start. The young at heart day centre will be opening on January 7, 2019 at the Gran Sol Hotel between 10.00 and 3.00. The day centre offers entertainment and activities with lunch and refreshments provided. There are also pick up and drop off points between Benissa and Jalon. Oceana Club rooted in the Marina at Bannisa has become a land mark in its own right and known for remarkable, simple but delicious menus. The owners Jody and Franco have creating a crew of fun-to-be-around staff and this combination is what gets folks coming back and guaranteeing positive recommendations. As you enter the place you are welcomed by a magnificent setting, a delightful marriage of Objet d’art and the luxuries of modernity. Sitting at any table you have a wonderful view of the Mediterranean and the harbour. Walk into the bar area and the view is of the workshop-like kitchen where you can see the chefs crafting their dishes. Out on the long terrace you would be forgiven for thinking you had stepped on to the deck of a pleasure cruiser and especially at night when the lights are on. The ambient of the twinkling sky and the vast open sea hits a nostalgic note. The menu on this day was a buffet which offered a wide variety of mouth-watering canopies, slithers of beef and skewered peppers with tomato and mozzarella balls to start. Huge paellas with mussels, platters of salads, calamari, BBQ ribs and the most amazing Scotch eggs that made sure you were going to have an epiphany of the taste buds they were exquisite. Edible bowls of condensed salad and prawns, and burger sliders which really thrilled most. It all was followed by a delicious chocolate and cream festival of various desserts. The dishes just kept coming you got the feeling the kitchen wanted you to know you’d been fed. All the products were fresh and the dishes home-made. The chefs take great care in selecting the best quality ingredients. The restaurant also caters for all tastes by providing a large selection of the best wines of the region, selection of draft beers and great Cava. Do you have a birthday coming up that needs celebrating? No? How about a wedding anniversary? Or your parents’ wedding anniversary? Doesn’t matter if they’re not here. An anniversary is an anniversary. It needs marking. You don’t have one of those? Perhaps a pet’s birthday? Or, I dunno, it’s happy Wednesday. Just find something worth celebrating, even if it’s merely the gruelling business of being alive and use it as the excuse to go and dine at the Oceana Club. You’ll thank us. More to the point, you’ll thank head chef Hassan Fezzaga.

This video was created as part of an Editorial for the EWN media group and Oceana Club

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