No more squatters rights

You book your flights hired the car and drove from the airport looking forward to settling in the first night of your long-awaited vacation when you arrive at your second home squatters have taken siege of your house what do you do?

Squatters have been a problem for years in Spain organised gangs hoping to extort money from the owners holding their property at ransom. Don’t dismay it used to be that you were strongly advise against taken the law into your own hands and also going to the police. Instead speak to an experienced lawyer first filing a civil lawsuit because the process was fasterand more effective this at a cost of 2000 just for the lawyers.

Penal law took a long time up to 18 months because of the different courts involved from investigative to criminal court for the judgment. Trying to get the name of the squatters creates a delay as this was needed for them to direct the complaint at them and prosecute. In the case of a civil action, though, it was not needed to be directed against a specific person.

Now the Government has approved specific measures against squatters taking over private property under the express eviction law.

Squatters will be served an eviction notice and told to justify ownership of the property by producing the title deed. If they fail to do this the courts will order immediate repossession of the home with no chance of appeals.

The fast-track procedure allows owners to get squatters out in weeks. This has put an end to owners being extorted and, in some cases, property owners were taking desperate measures and employing the many new security companies made up of ex-military types, bounces, and hoods who simply change the locks and had a quiet word in the squatter’s ears making them an offer they can’t or daren’t refuse. This came to a large chunk of change sometimes up to 2,500 euros

On the day of the eviction, social services will be present in case of eviction of children, elderly or people with disabilities.

The new laws will only affect privately owned properties, non-profits and public agencies that own social housing. Real estate held by banks and investment funds are not included.

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