The ‘Earth’ Without ‘Art’ Is Just ‘Eh’

It’s not easy making it as a street artist in cities like London, Paris, New York, and in Spain equally. I always wondered why there wasn’t any artist pitched on the streets of Benidorm.

New York street artist are not required to have vendor’s licenses, their work is protected by the First Amendment, and because the community is highly mercurial. They are independent operators, unified only by city laws restricting how and when they can work.

Walking up to the Balcón del Mediterráneo a high point midway between the Levante and Poniente beach where the area has several café bars serving diners al fresco and a few market stalls. I came across the illusive street artists.

Talking to a Spanish artist named Luciliano who was sporting a handle bar and chin puff beard, and who creates realism portraits in pastels, he said it was difficult to make any money because you have to first be autonomous paying national insurance and everything else that goes with being self-employed and then you have to pay for a permit which is €180 and you pay extra for certain days and fiestas, all that before you put pastel to paper.

“There’s no noise or damage, just somebody drawing pictures, artists deserve to make a living wage, having the ability to make people smile and laugh is a very powerful thing,” said Luciliano.

A city without portrait and caricature artists is sterile and grey, he said, he believes caricature brings life to the environment and doesn’t understand why the restrictions exist.

“It would be great to have more caricature artists in Benidorm, but I don’t feel the street pays enough to make it worth it,”

“If we could be independent operators It would be kind of a gateway, allowing artists to get out there and draw for the hell of it,” he said. “And it would be a way for artists to be discovered.”

Luciliano can do portraits from photographs too and said that he does weddings, birthday parties and even divorced parties he joked. You can contact him via email

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