Spain’s Illegal smoking dens

Hookahs are known around the world by several different names: a water pipe, nargeela, shisha, okka, kalyan, or ghelyoon. Many of these names are of Arab, Somalian, Indian, Ethiopian, Turkish or Persian origin.

Hookahs are offered using a wide range of flavours including many different fruits, from white Gummi Bear to tropical punch all these come with nicotine too and that is where the law is broken and how tobacco is creeping back into establishments. These packets carry government health warnings and are smoked in public places like bars and lounge-bars with comfortable chill out areas.  

Some bars in Benidorm offer free shisha flavours to entice youngsters in with offers of cut price Mojitos another favourite of the generation Z, iGen, or Centennials or even some of the younger Millennials enjoy group activities and smoking is a big part of the social scene.

Penalties relating to the anti-tobacco laws are in the hands of the separate autonomous authorities. Catalan lead the way in fines for these contemporary bars trying to exploit what they consider to be a loop-hole.

The smoke is carcinogenic and contain other toxic substances harmful to the cardiovascular and respiratory systems, according to the World Health Organization (WHO), which points out that hookahs are used to smoke tobacco and other products that are far from innocuous like cannabis.

The police in Spain are demanding more control over this type of tobacco because of its popularity much of it is being smuggled in. If the authorities can prove that it is being sourced illegally, the fines on bars and cafés using it could rise to around €2,000 along with the premises in question being closed down at least for a short time.

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