Caught On Camera

Some crazy moments photographed on my day to day.

I have taken a lot of photos over the years and always had a camera on me (35mm film) and digital usually due to work or being on holiday or simply travelling.

Sometimes I managed to be in the right place at the right time or wrong depending how you look at it and captured some strange happenings.

One thing these photos have in common, they happened in front of me and bring back a memory of that day at the time it was just a coincidence that I happened to have a camera, unlike know days most people have a camera on them, in their phones, pen, and even their watches.

I collected a few of these photos and included their stories for your amusement so I hope you enjoy.

All Images by Shearart

Burning Palm Tree

First of the series of photographs, a tree burning for no apparent reason in Benidorm Spain, you could see the flames and it looked serious as it loomed over a shop full of people. The Spanish shop keeper climbed up onto his flimsy roof and threw a bucket of water at it which failed to hit the tree.

P1010032 (2).JPG


Evacuated the shop, cleared his stock first and then called the Fire Brigade and Police.


Eventually the fire brigade turned up and extinguished the fire. The culprit of the fire well the clue is in the shop owners mouth a cigarette, probably thrown from a window from the apartment block above.

Faulty Hand Break


This happened whilst I was working on a house in a small Spanish village, a skip lorry pulled up and the driver jumped out to ask if we had ordered a Rubbish container (Skip) and the lorry started down the hill on its own. The Spaniard just stood and watched it lodge into the side of the house demolishing the kitchen wall and most of the inside. The skip driver jumped into the cab gave the house owner his details and drove off leaving the house open – the house owner didn’t seemed too fazed with what had happened but he did get a little irritable when I gave him my card and asked if I could give him a price for the rebuild. A-B-C.

I published about this incident at the time which was around about 2004 in a newspaper or online, anyway a young girl contacted me not happy with the way I reported it because she was apparently upstairs at the time the truck crashed and she could have been hurt so I apologized.

Collapsing Gardens

P1010013 (2).JPG

I was called to a job after the whole garden had cracked and the patio around the swimming pool had collapsed, next door’s ended up down the mountain after a heavy rain. This happens often to property in Spain built teetering on a deep dry river bed (barranco).

What really happened was the pool guy left a hose on filling the pool and it over ran all night washed away the mountain. The whole garden had dropped and the owners had people booked into the house for the summer, so he asked us to re-concrete and tile it as if nothing had happened. The owner had a company build a stack of concrete blocks underneath on top of the collapsing stone hill.


P1010014 (2).JPG

They managed to go through the summer without any more movement and then got locked into a legal battle that lasted years with the original Spanish builder. His attitude was, by the time this goes to court he will be retired.

Bad Santa

This was at Christmas in a Tenerife hotel, the kids waited for Santa to give out gifts but he had other ideas and sat at the bar drinking in full view, it took four waiters half an hour to drag him out, by that time he had blew his cover.

bad santa.jpg

Speaking of Spanish waiters these guys risked holding up a ladder so one of them could climb up to change a light bulb it swung dangerously close to the stairwell window which had a fifty foot drop on the other side. So there’s the answer to that one, it takes four waiters, three to hold the ladder.


This happened all in the same hotel and also my new, at the time expensive, cell phone was stolen, some scumbag Brit tourist in a four star hotel lifted the phone off the table in front of me as I nodded off, the phone company issued me with a new Sim card and the same number, six months later I received a call from a Policeman in Manchester England they had raided a house and recovered a bag of Sim cards he seemed surprised that I answered, I was not surprised that my phoned wasn’t in the bag with it.

Blanket Trip

This bus was on its way to the popular tourist attraction of Guadalest inland on the Costa Blanca Spain. The tourists complained of the smoke in the back from the engine but the driver wouldn’t pull over, he eventually did and managed to get everyone out of the bus before it went up in flames. The company, Green tours is no longer running trips.

Crazy Gang

I ran out my apartment block late one night to watch a car of youths chasing down a lad on foot, they drove around the car park at speed chasing him and smashing twenty three cars. The runner hid behind the car in the picture so they rammed it. He took a trip to the hospital and a few miles down the road they were apprehended and jailed.

Car crash.jpg