Emma Rashrank

Flying Duck Greenwich

Often, when I was walking around Greenwich London, I would go in to an amazing and interesting shop, The Flying Duck on the corner of Creek road. It used to bring back so many memories of those things from the past, they even had things from the 60’s and 70’s that was still new. Outside the store there would be retro furniture and American refrigerators, orange bubble chairs, and purple chopper bikes. Once inside you would push past the beads hanging from the door, chilli fairy lights and rows of bags. On the wall, hung lowbrow kitsch art, Elvis Presley sunglasses, lava lamps, shelves of home pride men and dipping birds. In the corner there would always be a padded cocktail bar, Hawaiian coasters and hula-skirted dancing girls. I always looked out for some Margret Keane Big Eyes Paintings.

Retro refers to a nostalgic look back to the Fabulous ’50s, Swinging ’60’s, Sexy ’70’s, Yuppie 80’s or The Storming 70’s, Electric 80’s to understand retro you should look at kitschy.

The flying Duck is no longer there, but they do still have a place full of Retro furniture and hire it out for location work they can be contacted through the internet from their Website Flying Duck

Kitsch and Retro Furniture & Accessories – images from the Fying Duck Greenwich with permission